Category: Experience

  • Northville Cars and Coffee

    It’s summer and that means Northville Cars and Coffee! The event is held on the second Saturday of the month during summer. The location is off of West Cady Street, behind Old Village School.

  • Gnome Around Northville

    It’s January and that means that the gnomes are still around in Downtown Northville! The gnomes will be around until the end of the month. It was a cold day in the teens with a brisk wind, so my daughter and I only found a few of the gnomes in the social district.

  • Snow Portrait

    Portraits in the snow are a favorite. On a snowy day, the snow acts like a giant reflector, filling in the shadows that are normally present. My first portrait of 2022 was of my family’s dog Ellie while out on a hike at Maybury State Park. The portrait turned out to be a pow portrait…

  • Northville Mustangs Football

    It’s been great to have Northville Mustangs Football back on the field. I have taken my camera along to capture some of the gridiron action, trying to capture plays in a way that the images tell a story. The image below shows the Mustangs special teams block attempt. It is from the 9/17/2021 game versus…

  • Skeletons Are Alive in Downtown Northville!

    It’s October and that means that the skeletons are alive in Downtown Northville! As in years past, the skeletons will be around through the end of the month. Maybe you would want to include a skeleton or two as a part of your photo session? A skeleton would really add to the feeling of the…