What Is a Photo Tour?

Definition of a Photo Tour

For me, a photo tour is combination of many things:
– The opportunity to be creative and try camera settings and compositions that will benefit future photography sessions
– Being around other photographers in the same place and presented with the same situations for observing, learning, and sharing
– A chance to explore a place that may or may not be familiar
– The opportunity for behind the scenes access

Example of a Photo Tour at the Steam Railroading Institute

I participated in a photo tour at the Steam Railroading Institute (SRI) in Owosso, Michigan. I went for several reasons:
1. I wanted a chance to get out and be creative.
2. I appreciate steam trains and their history.
3. I went on a photo tour at SRI a couple of years ago, so I knew what to expect and how I could improve upon my past photos.
4. The tour was organized and led by a former teacher from whom I learned a lot to improve my photography skills.

Looking back at my definition of a photo tour, I hit ever point in the list.

Favorite Photograph from the Steam Railroading Institute Photo Tour

My wife picked her favorite photograph of mine from the tour since she isn’t biased about trains. Her pick? A “headshot” of the Pere Marquette 1225 locomotive.

Pere Marquette 1225 Locomotive "Headshot" from Photo Tour
Pere Marquette 1225 Locomotive “Headshot” from Photo Tour